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How shopping

How shopping
Shopping rules

This resource shopping diets and exercise plains and photos is prepared. Take notice it like future service please.

The shopping here is very easy. You can choose the product or service from fitness woman, personal training, which you want to buy and give them to the shopping bag.
You must register or when you are still registered you must please booking.

You choose the period on which you want it set up at the diet and otehr plans. You can choose several plan from one or more fitness women, personal trainings.

The transport and packing is debit, if the product is sent by post, if you obtain the goods in electronic form on you e-mail address, it will be you count the handling charge.

In the case of claim, please proceed you after the conditions in the claims rules of our shop.

We hope, that you will like our server and that you will visit us more often!

We still expand our offer about the new personal trainings, fitness women and models!

Tuesday 16 July, 2024  Celebrate tody in the Czech republic Luboš and tomorrow Martina

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