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Security of private dates

Security of private dates
We respect our private.

1 - We keep security of private dates by presentation model women, fitness women and athlete women.
It means security of private dates, which are fill out in the form like for example :

  • Birth date
  • Street and number house
  • Phone and fax contacts
  • E-mail adresse

2 - Dates, which you write by sending offer or registaration.

  • Name of surname
  • Sexes
  • Complete post adresse, delivery and invoice adresse
  • Phone and fax contacts
  • E-mail adresse

These informations are necessary for your identifikation.
We used them for comunication with you, for realisation and debit your payemnt for buying goods and to purpose right delivery goods.

We can do accountant opertions along this dates, draw tax document or identifikation your paytment banks.

Datas about shipping are deposited in the safe database and they are not giving to the third persons.

Our private dates are intimated and they are not given any subjects.

Any your dates are not sell, hire out or giving to the third side.

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