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Berna Dette Valez

Petite Texas model with a focus on swimsuit and fitness modeling.

Age 31 Weight on the contest or on the photo 45 Kg
Heigh 157 cm Weight normal in life 44 Kg
Home city TX USA

Which sports do you do and do you do fitness?
Weight Lifting

How did you get to modeling profession.?
I signed up for a fitness / model competition to show off my toned physique & to challenge myself athletically. I worked with great photographers & recieved some great photos. I put my pictures online and had a website designed. I have had so much fun posing for the camera & using my creative energy on different characters & themes.

Write what do you like on modeling.
I love posing for the camera

Write something interesting from the modeling backstage.
Lots of work goes into a succesful shoot

Your the bigest sucessfulls.
Meeting lots of great people and being in a magazine.

What do you do for being so slim?
Eat right and workout.

What do you eat and must you keep diets?
Lots of chicken!! LOL

What do you think about today ´s trend of slim models?
I like it.

What is your modeling dream?
To be on the cover of a fitness magazine

Somebody says, that model girls are only rack on the clothes.
People say lots of things, but as long as you know who you are and are happy... Who Cares!

Is big rivaly among models about job?
Not really.

It is not possible doing modeling forever, did you think, what then?
That is why I got an accounting degree.

What would you recommened to the girls, which would want to try a luck in modeling?
Be yourself, work hard, and most of all, BE HAPPY

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