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Fern Lasseter

Age 27 Weight on the contest 123 lbs., Kg
Heigh 5' 5", cm Weight normal in life 130 lbs., Kg
Home city Columbus, Georgia.

In which year did you started to do the fitness sport? I started in 1995

Why do you like fitness?I like feeling good about myself and helping others feel good too!! I enjoy staying in great shape year around.

What is your favourite meal and drink?My favorite meal would be pizza with ice cream for dessert.

What is your favourite diet meal?
Protein pancakes.

What do you think about the fat burners products?
I like fat burners especially ECA stack.

Do you use the fat burners products?

What do you think about the fitness competitions? Do you think, that the fitness competitions are only about the big muscular?
I think fitness competitors should be muscular but not overly muscular they should for sure have a nice womenly shape too!

What do you think about the future in fitness competitions?
I think figure will become more popular.

Say something about your gymnastics preparation.
I enjoy gymnastics training especially improving each year.

Is for you the period of the diets before the fitness competition hard?
Yes but once you complete the diet you feel so awesome.

What is for you the hardest in fitness sport?
Probably the diet cause I love food :-)

What is your dream in fitness /what do you want to reach for /?
To become a great role model for others.

Write please your biggest success in fitness competitions?
Probably all the exposure I have gotten in fitness mags!

What is for you very important in fitness sport?
Staying in good shape year around.

Write your another hobbies?
Staying in good shape year around.

Write please your favourite and not in favour exercise.
Leg press is my fav and hack squats are my least fav.

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