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Age 26 Weight on the contest 105 lbs., 48 Kg
Heigh 5' 6", 168cm Weight normal in life 105 lbs., 48 Kg
Home city Stockholm, Sweden

When did you start to do the modeling?
Two years ago (2002).

How did you get to the modeling world?
I created a website with my private pictures and from then I have moved myself up. :-)

Please, write your bigest success in modeling.
There are several fun stories: I did a fashion shoot as a mom in a house full of butterflies and birds for a magazine. I have also made a commercial for a bank's credit card with a lot of people just working with me. I love that attention! :-) Before I have been staring in an independent film. My work has also brought me to other countries as Italy and Estonia.

What do you think about the fat burners and do you use them?
I'm slim naturally, but I do believe in them. The way I stay fit is to eat often, and always pasta without meat at lunch time.

Do you do some sport or do you exercise in the fitness studio?
Nope, but I guess it wouldn't hurt. ;-) I have competed in running contests before, though, in longer distances.

Why do you decided to work like model?
I did it when I was younger too, and I just love the attention and the creativity you can express, and art you can make, so I wanted to get back into the business again.

What means for you the helathy, life style?
To eat often but right. To drink water when the body feels a need for it, not before. I think the body tells you what is right for you. You just have to start listening. :-)

Which is your common food plan? Must you keep the diets?
A lot of pasta, Thai food (woks, sallads and soups), raw egg or cheese when I don't have meat to the pasta, meat at supper, butter on the bread (no diet alternative), and then I prefer it quite raw (when it's possible), and snacks now and then. Yes, I have to keep my diet plan to stay in shape, but I have the opposite problem to most people. I have to eat so I don't loose weight.

Write please your hobbies?
My computer and website, salsa dance, scuba diving, my family and friends, dining, read and my biggest hobby: to travel as often as I can. Preferrably to exotic places where I can sun bath and snorkle or scuba dive. Or experience some adventures, as hiking or djungle trekking. :-)

Tuesday 16 July, 2024  Celebrate tody in the Czech republic Luboš and tomorrow Martina

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