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Bethany Carter Howlett

Age 24 let Weight on the contest or on the photo 135 lbs., 61 Kg
Heigh 5'7 , 173 cm Weight normal in life 140 lbs., 63 Kg
Home city Falls Church, Virginia ( a suburb of Washington, D.C.), USA, North America.

When did you start to do the bodybuilding? I have been weight lifting for seven years.

Why do you like this rather men´s sport? Am a professional fitness athlete now and there is not a big mens fitness organization.

Write please, your biggest bodybuilding success.
Earning my professional fitness status

What do you think about the fat burners?
I use and recommend safe fat burners.

What think about you another people, who know, that you do the bodybulding?
People admire my dedication and discipline.

Do you think, that bodybuilding is harder for women than for men?
Yes indeed.

What is your wish in your bodybuilding career?
To better educate people on living a healthy lifestyle.

How gain control of your period of the diet?
I eat clean all year round.

What is your favourite diet meal?
Eggwhites and green veggies

What is your favourite meal and drink during the year?
Chicken quesadillas and diet Coke

Write please your hobbies?
Gymnastics, singing, dancing, reading, writing poetry, studying literature, photography, etc.

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