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Pauline Nordin

Age 20 Weight on the contest 110 lbs., 50 Kg
Heigh 5' 2", 157cm Weight normal in life 112 lbs., 52 Kg
Home city Stockholm

In which year did you started to do the fitness sport?

Why do you like fitness?
I like the athletic look and healthy way of life.

What is your favourite meal and drink?
Pancakes and pineapple juice.

What is your favourite diet meal?
Mackerel and broccoli.

What do you think about the fat burners products?
They have no effect on me however.

Do you use the fat burners products?
Yes, fish oil.

What do you think about the fitness competitions? Do you think, that the fitness competitions are only about the big muscular?
No, it’s rather more about having the closest to the “ideal” body.

What do you think about the future in fitness competitions?
The figure section will grow.

Say something about your gymnastics preparation.
I compete in bodybuilding, not fitness with gymnastics.

Is for you the period of the diets before the fitness competition hard?
No, it do the same thing almost all year long, no bigger changes.

What is for you the hardest in fitness sport?
Staying motivated all the time.

What is your dream in fitness /what do you want to reach for /?
To go to LA and work as a personal trainer /fitness consultant/ model and have my own company.

Write please your biggest success in fitness competitions?
I have yet not competed.

Write your another hobbies?
Riding motorbike, go to furniture auctions.

What you be happy and be worry /saddy/ in this year?

Write please your favourite and not in favour exercise.
Favourite chins.
Not: barbell curl.

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