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Marika Johansson

Age ? Weight on the contest or on the photo 165 lbs., 75Kg
Heigh 5´9", 174cm Weight normal in life 175 lbs., 79Kg
Home city Helsingborg, Sweden

When did you start to do the bodybuilding? I started bodybuilding, year 2001.

Why do you like this rather men´s sport? Before this I had a horse and competed in horsejumping. I need to get stronger in my arms, so I headed to the gym. And I was stuck. I loved hte feelilng of having control of your body and to sculpter it the way you want to. I wanted more and bigger muscles . I learnt how to eat properly and to train correct and soon I was into competing in bodybuilding.

Write please, your biggest bodybuilding success.
My best placement so far is 5th place in Worldchampionships. And I place 1st in Jan Tana NPC heavyweight division year 2000

What think about you another people, who know, that you do the bodybulding?
In Sweden it is not so usual with muscles on women, so people can sometimes look at you in a negative way. But at the gym, everybody thinks it is great the way I look. I love to be in the USA, there poeple appriciate the way you look and that you are training with weights. It gives so much inspiration to train hard and to compete

What is your wish in your bodybuilding career?
My biggest dream is to one day be able to live in US and become a PRO bodybbuilder. And I also would love to work in the moviebusiness.

How gain control of your period of the diet?
My diet consisit on high protein and little carbs. I change my normally diet by increasing the carbs and do more cardio. But i keep my protein high.

What is your favourite diet meal?
My favorite diet food is chicken with red curry and rice.

What is your favourite meal and drink during the year?
My favorite offseason food and junkfood is pizza and I have a weakness for choclate. My favoritedrink is diet coke and white wine. And I love to have a café Latte.

Write please your hobbies?
Weightlifting, rollerblading, biking, hiking, sports, adventures, movies, music, dancing, travel, and to enjoy the life.

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