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Carina Enered

Age 37 Weight on the contest or on the photo 122 lbs., 55 Kg
Heigh 5' 54", 169cm Weight normal in life 122 lbs., 55 Kg
Home city Halmstad, Halland, Sweden

When did you start to do the modeling? 2 Years ago ( 2000 ).

How did you get to the modeling world? From my friend who are an professional photographer.

Please, write your bigest success in modeling.
I have precise get an offer to be in a movies in USA Not eny porno. Becouse im not do something like that. producing a short film titled "The Night out.

What do you think about the fat burners and do you use them?
I think that is very good to do some gymnastics every day. Becouse of your health. So there fore is that an great choice to use fat burners. And yes. I use fat burners every day.

Do you do some sport or do you exercise in the fitness studio?
I do sports everyday in my home. And exercise fitness. But not in eny studio. But I have a plan to do that.

Why do you decided to work like model?
Becouse of my friend who is an professional photographer. Have told me. That I should work as an model. And he have take photos of me. He have show my photos for meny ather photographers in the world. And after that. I have get lotts of modeling work. And Im also like to work as an model. Becouse of my dream to help ather poor people in the world. And also help ather help organizations. And be an good support and friend to ather models.

What means for you the helathy, life style?
To eat very healthy and do some exercise everyday. And drink lotts of water. At least 1/5 litre at day. But that is better to drink 2 litre at day.

Which is your common food plan? Must you keep the diets?
Yes i must keep the diets. And I eat 2 eggs, 2 healthy bread, healthy Yoghurt, And some fruit. And one glass of milk.

Write please your hobbies?
Horror movies, X-Files, David Duchovny, antique Furnitures, China dolls, decorate my home, Fashion, movies.

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