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Agnes l'Amazone du berry

Age 31 Weight on the contest 52 Kg
Heigh 155 cm Weight normal in life 55 Kg
Home city 200km under Paris, Bourges

In which year did you started to do the fitness sport? 18 years.

Why do you like fitness? For to be more beautiful, strong, and sexy.

What is your favourite meal and drink ?
Cakes and cheese, unfortunaly forbideen.

What is your favourite diet meal ?
Eggs white.

What do you think about the fat burners products?
Never take that.

Do you use the fat burners products?

What do you think about the fitness competitons? Do you think , that the fitness competitons are only about the big muscular?
I think taht i like that, of course, fitness, and bodybuildng are differents thinks, fitness is more light, body more muscular.

What do you think about the future in fitness competitons?
I hope see more womens do these activitys

Say something about your gymnastics preparation.
Not secret, a lot of work in the gym, and to have a hard diet.

Is for you the period of the diets before the fitness competition hard?
Absoludly is very difficult periode.

What is for you the hardest in fitness sport?
Because for to be, it's every days, exercises, ans diet, if you stop, you loose all.

What is your dream in fitness /what do you want to reach for /?
A want to be the best athlete in France.

Write please your biggest success in fitness competitions?
Not succés for the moment, my first contest will be in 2 month: championnship of France.

What is for you very important in fitness sport?
To learn , exercise, diet, and after, do it.

Write your another hobbies?
Motorcycle, informatique, webmaster, wrestling, travels.

What you be happy and be worry /saddy/ in this year?
I want to win the championnship, and too, open my compagnie about cdroms females wrestler and bodybuildeurs, and dio a travel plan , in Europe, and USA. And do a new website about me during that year.

Write please your favourite and not in favour exercise.
I have not really a favorite exercise. I like all.

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