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Bettina Burghart

Age 28 years Weight on the contest or on the photo 117 lbs. 53Kg
Heigh 5'7", 170cm Weight normal in life 117 lbs. 53Kg
Home city Lauingen,Germany.

When did you start to do the modeling?
In the year 1996.

How did you get to the modeling world?
I worked as an Aerobic Instructor and so I got the conection.

Please, write your bigest success in modeling.
I was an Model for Carlos Cartagena Pin Up Artist and to be on the Miss Bikini World Competition in Malta

What do you think about the fat burners and do you use them?
I dont use them but I know there are Ok they help to get fatless.

Do you do some sport or do you exercise in the fitness studio?
I do Step, Aerobic, Hip Hop and Tae Bo.

What means for you the helathy, life style?
Helathy is Importend for me , I eat only Healthy stuff.

Which is your common food plan? Must you keep the diets?
I have allways watch what I eat, no fat, no salt, but I love chocolate.

Write please your hobbies?
My son , Swimming, wearing Bikinis, Dance, Sport and fotoshootings.

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