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Ilona S.

Age ? Weight on the contest or on the photo ?
Heigh 5'9" , 179 cm Weight normal in life ?
Home city Munch, Europe, Germany.

Please, write your bigest success in modeling.
am a professional freelance model and I am available for modeling worldwide. I enjoy modeling for Runway, Print, Fashion, Glamour, Beauty, Swimsuits, Lingerie, Fitness, Spokesmodel and Tradeshows.

Why do you decided to work like model?
One of my favorite things about modeling is that I get to travel and meet new people and their cultures. Tasting new (for me) foods and ethnic cuisine can be rewarding (yummy). I have had the pleasure to experience: Italy, France, England, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Holland and Greece. After traveling throughout Europe, it was about time to explore the United States. So far I like New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, South Beach, Las Vegas, Chicago and Detroit. I am currently located in South Florida. I am passionate about water-skiing and boating. My other hobbies include: tennis, roller-blading, dancing, scuba diving, and photography. (I have so many photo albums I don't know where to store them any more.)

Write please your hobbies?
Travelling, fast drive in the car, meeting the new people and the new culture.

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