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Anita Heß

Age 26 Weight on the contest 136 lbs., 61-63 Kg
Heigh 5'6", 172cm Weight normal in life 154 lbs., 70 Kg
Home city Frankfurt am Main

In which year did you started to do the fitness sport?

Why do you like fitness?
You can work on your body and see it every day, month and per year how good or bad you are.

What is your favourite meal and drink?
My Body-cake! Eggs, Rolled oats, Raisins and apple.

What is your favourite diet meal?
Rice with turkey and tomatoes.

What do you think about the fat burners products?
It's helpful and effectively with cardio..

Do you use the fat burners products?
Yes, in preparation for competition.

What do you think about the fitness competitions? Do you think, that the fitness competitions are only about the big muscular?
I admire Bodybuilders, on the other hand one I think that also Fitness-guys with a pronounced musculature earn a chance on the stage.

What do you think about the future in fitness competitions?
These meetings become ever more interesting. Unfortunately is it today in addition, often like that that these meetings are more model than sport match. It becomes ever more the Sexappeal and not the hard work, which are in this body evaluated.

Say something about your gymnastics preparation.
In my preparation I stretch after each training at least 20 minutes. With the time muscles and chords become again more mobile. My presentation consists however always also of Body elements.

Is for you the period of the diets before the fitness competition hard?
I love the preparation. One can watch proper, how the body changes. I make also very much mental training in this time not to over always think of the meal and divert myself. I go out with friends and enjoy about the courts and beverages, which are then fed. Amusingly, but terribly fun does not make! I then always motivate my friends to meals, which I may not do.

What is for you the hardest in fitness sport?
I love each training. I love the hanteln, the smell of the iron and the atmosphere in my studio. A little arduously is only the Cardiotraining in the preparation time.

What is your dream in fitness /what do you want to reach for /?
I train without "aids". I must longer, harder and more consistently at my body work than others. I dream about a doping freely sport, at least in the Fitnessclass. I plan to make my hobby also the occupation. But until it so far is, become I you inform.

Write please your biggest success in fitness competitions?
I must say that each participation in a match a giant is success for me!
NAC Hessencup 2001 - 1. Place.
NAC German championship 2001 - 4. Place.
NAC Mrs. California Kassel 2001 - 5. Place.
NAC Hessencup 2002 - 3. Place.

What is for you very important in fitness sport?
How I sayd above I dream about a doping freely sport, at least in the Fitnessclass.

Write your another hobbies?
I dear Puzzeln and with friends on bicycle route go.

What you be happy and be worry /saddy/ in this year?
My mother always says "Think positive". There are no bad times. I am fall in love, have mean sport and hopefully soon to change vocationally will be able myself.

Write please your favourite and not in favour exercise.
I love all exercises. I amend the exercises, if I have pain and no effect notice. No pain, no gain!

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