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Pavla Pickova

Age 28 Weight on the photo 56 Kg
Heigh 180 cm Weight normal in life 56 Kg
Eyes color dark brown Hair color dark brown
Home city Plzen, Czech Republic. Measurements - cm 85-60-90

I am a model but I go to fit gym too, where I exercise.

Please, write your bigest success in modeling ?
Modeling is a hobby for me. I do not think, that it will be a job for me in future. I am a model but I go to fit gym too, where I exercise. I combine exercise in fit gym with anothers sports like is swimming, aerobic, rock climbing, riding on the bicycle.

When did you start to do the modeling ?
I started to do modeling 3 year ago. I was addressed to do modeling. It was big chance.

What do you think about the fat burners and do you use them?
I do not used them. I must increase my weight, because I am very slim.

Do you do some sport or do you exercise in the fitness studio?
Yes, I like sport. I go to fit gym and do every sport activities.

What means for you the helathy, life style ?
I like very health things. I eat much vegetable and fruits. I drink 3 litres of mineral water daily.I do not eat fat and sweet food.

Which is your common food plan ? Must you keep the diets?
I need not keep the diets. I do not need them. I have not any food plan.

Write please your hobbies?
Sport, reading, cinema, theathers, English language, traveling.

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Friday 21 June, 2024  Celebrate tody in the Czech republic Alois and tomorrow Pavla

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